6 days before D-Day #Foxpleasure

One souvenir per day, 6 days until D-Day.


I remember DIE HARD. No need to stress how new and fresh it was – the hero is fun, brave, and he suffers. As I finally went to Los Angeles years later, how many times did I check if the Nakatomi Plaza, aka Fox Plaza, was still up at Century City ? Later, I remember and enjoyed DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, a Touchstone picture (Disney). On the Fox lot, there is this huge DIE HARD poster. And you can hear John McClane whispering « Yippee Ki Yay ».



I remember 24, the real-time intrigue, the split-screen design and the music (still my ringtone 2 decades later). I had to buy DVDs in the UK to binge the full series. I remember that short video of Kiefer Sutherland that Mark Kaner managed to have produced and sent for Canal+ 15th anniversary. That same year, I remember the first Ice Age, with Rudy and Manny.

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