7 days before D-Day

For any Fox or Disney employee, D-Day refers to this coming March 20, 2019 when Disney becomes the owner of some 21CF’s assets. As a new era will soon begins, there is obviously a mix of sadness, nostalgia, hope and enthousiasm. The exact balance between these feelings may vary from one person to another, but we’ll all remember Fox legacy.

I personally remember hundreds of moments, first as a Fox fan, then a Fox partner, and finally a Fox employee. Here is a sequence of souvenirs, one souvenir per day, 7 days until D-Day.

*** 7 days before D-Day ***


I don’t remember when I saw STAR WARS for the first time. But I recall my emotions. The STAR WARS franchise became a universe with whom I grew and that still lives my adult life. I remember this young kid sitting next to me at the premiere of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. While the end credits scrolled on the screen, he exclaimed whispering, « Luke and Leia are brother and sister ! » How lucky was he ! He had 3 more films from the franchise to discover.


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