1 day before D-Day #Foxpleasure

I remember the day we learned Disney wanted to buy certain assets of 21CF. « Anything I should worry about, Dad ? » asked our daughter. « Nope« , I answered.


Yet this pre-acquisition period has been a true 15-month journey for both Disney and Fox employees. Discussions, questions, memories, last LA Screenings, last Fox party on the lot, team prepping and introvertions, this journey has been a mix of nostalgia, angst and hope.

As in many other parts of our industry, each individual questionned herself/himself on his/her role.


But differently from any other place in our entertainment industry, we were thousands and thousands to fear, hope and think at the exact same things during this exact same moment.

And now, this is it.

Let’s move to this new chapter.


Yes indeed.

Like a band, one of the greatest ever.





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